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10.2 Back-end management of themes, plugins, and other assets

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In the previous movie, I mentioned that the wp-content folder within your WordPress installation is where you find your plugins, your themes, and also your uploads. Now we're going to use that knowledge to manage some...

11.1 Keeping up to date

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When you own or manage a WordPress site, it's your job to make sure that your installation of WordPress, and your plug-ins and themes are always up to date. This is important for several reasons. WordPress is in const...

11.2 Must-have security plugins

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Because WordPress is such a popular content management system, it's also become the primary target for people with nefarious intent online. Hackers target WordPress first when they try to find vulnerable sites, and sp...

11.3 Troubleshooting a site crash

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When I was learning how to drive, my driving instructor told me the best way to learn how to handle difficult situations, is by experiencing them in a controlled environment. That way you can learn how you will react ...

12.1 Exporting and importing content from other sites

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Using WordPress you're probably going to run into situations where you're either need to export content out of your existing WordPress site and place it into a new WordPress site or you need to import content from an ...

12.2 Going further with WordPress – Creating themes and plugins

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If you've been following this course from the beginning, you should now have a clear understanding of how you can use WordPress to create and manage an advanced website, but the learning doesn't end here. In the Pathm...

2.1 Installing and running WordPress

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3.10 Adding media from YouTube and other services through oEmbed

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Adding images to the content on your site can greatly enhance the content, both with beauty with information and with context. But images are just one type of media content that you can add in. The web is full of grea...

3.11 Comparing and restoring old versions with Revisions

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As I've been going through all the features of this Edit Post window, and showing you how you can create a new post in WordPress, and also how you can edit those post later, I've made countless revisions to my post. S...

3.4 Advanced text formatting

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To make your text content as legible and approachable as possible, it's important to lay it out properly. That means applying proper text formatting to your content. To make this as easy as possible, WordPress comes w...

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